At Synergy Air, we know ventilation systems like the back of our hands, and we have built up a reputation as one of the best designers, suppliers and provide maintenance of ventilation systems in the Perth metropolitan region.

We have a team of experienced technicians who are ready to help you with your commercial ventilation needs.


Synergy Air provides high-quality services for ventilation systems which are carried out on-site by our team of qualified technicians.

We have years of experience in our industry and we keep communication efficient and succinct, both with our clients and all trades who are involved to ensure the seamless execution of all our ventilation-orientated projects.

All our new systems come with 5-year warranty and a 12-month workmanship warranty.


Synergy Air is well-known for its quick and easy installation processes. We will always ensure quick delivery and installation of your ventilation system within your required timeframe.


At Synergy Air, we have a highly qualified team on hand to regularly conduct inspections and servicing of your ventilation systems to ensure they’re functioning correctly and are in top condition.


carpark Exhaust Fans

A car park ventilation exhaust system is designed to clear vehicle exhaust fumes and to minimise carbon monoxide build up in carparks to comply with building standards and codes. 

We can supply and install safe and aesthetic exhaust fans for underground cark parks.

Stairwell Pressurisation Fans

Did you know that Australian legislations require building owners to provide an annual proof of compliance for essential safety measures to operate in emergency situations?

Stairwell pressurisation fans are, therefore, not only extremely useful, but also vital in an emergency. We install these fans, which introduce outside air in the event of a fire-based emergency, to keep occupants and employees safe from potential harm.

General Building Exhaust Fans

Synergy Air specialises in commercial exhaust fans which are perfect for any high usage applications.

We aim to improve the building’s overall efficiency to reduce the costs of utilising building air conditioning by carrying out routine service and maintenance of your exhaust fans to ensure they operate at optimal performance, and saving you money on power consumption in the process.

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